⏳ Use ChatGPT to Generate 100s of Writing Ideas

Prompt writing for the win!

From Aadit :) - with The Average Joe newsletter

Hey y’all!

This week, we’re covering:

  • Using ChatGPT to generate 100s of writing ideas

  • What are we ignoring today (that the media will cover later)?

  • Dirty insider sites to check out to build your business

  • Win and make others win

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found this thread useful for thinking about prompt writing for marketing, sales and content.

no - prompt writing is not just for technical coders. it’s also for us marketers and founders building a business.

get better at it. this newsletter does a good job at sharing useful prompts daily

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there are things the media talks about right now (that happened earlier).

ask yourself - what’s happening NOW that we will talk about later.

good thread.

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There are a ton of newsletters on investing and growth.

Not many do as good a job as The Average Joe.

It’s high-quality finance news that is concise, simple, and fun (because who likes boring?)

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cool little websites. check em out.

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win and help people win. that’s the game.