⏳ Twitter Algorithm Becomes Transparent

Plus: AI vs Seatbelts, Jarvis and my new tool

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Hey y’all!

This week, we’re covering:

  • Twitter algo is open source now

  • Similarities between AI and seatbelts in 1940s

  • When will real-life Jarvis come to existence? Soon.

  • I’m going to be announcing something in the next week…

1. 💡

Twitter’s algo is open-sourced now (thanks Elon!)

This guy did a good job on how to get better engagement on Twitter.

If you want to actionble insights right away… read this:

2. 💡

This is what is happening with AI right now.

People are afraid to adapt to it. It will replace you only if you don’t learn how to use it.

If you’re reading this… chances are you’re early enough to not be replaced in any sense of the word.

Just keep an eye out. Learn as things go. Don’t need to get overwhelmed by ti.

2.5 💡

8am Newsletter (Sponsor)

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The concept is pretty cool and the email is even better. If you’re a creator wanting to make more money online, definitely check it out!

3. 💡

What the actual…

How close are we to Iron Man’s Jarvis? Seems like less than a couple of years.

First, only the rich will be able to afford those personal assistants.

I (probably) less than 100 years, everyone will be able to afford an assistant like Jarvis.

4. 💡

I’m launching something super cool in the productivity space (a Chrome extension).

Looking for some serious beta testers.

What you get:

  • Lifetime deal on the product

  • Access to features earlier than normal (at no additional cost)

  • Direct access to me and the team to tailor the product around your needs

What we’re looking for:

  • People that are willing to give serious no BS feedback (we want to build the best tool on the market)

  • People who already run a business making six figures a year.

If you’re excited to be a part of this… just reply to this email with “I’m in!” and I’ll send you further steps.

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