🚀 TSMC Received $6.6B

PLUS: Google’s $5 Billion Settlement, Did Meta's $2 Billion Acquisition Failed?

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📚 Resources

How Silicon Valley misled an entire generation about startups and wealth and what you can do about it (link)

50 pieces of advice after 4.5 years as an entrepreneur from Justin Welsh (link)

How did the mind of John D. Rockefeller work? (link)

How innovation needs to be handled by Elon Musk (link)

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💰 Funding

iKala Secures Over $20M to Boost AI Research and Market Expansion in Japan and Southeast Asia (link)

Prem Labs receives $14M seed funding to revolutionize proprietary AI model generation (link)

💼 Job Board

Principal Account Executive, Apps at Google (US)

Business Operations Manager at New York Life Insurance Co (US)

💌 Etcetera

The 25 greatest art heists of all time

How pure is the water from your tap?

Fifth wheel parking: why it never made it big

First human case of bird flu in Texas detected

8 cities that were nearly wiped off the face of the Earth

France-sized ice shelf moves suddenly once or twice daily

Powerful magnetic fields found near Milky Way's black hole

🗞️ News 

TSMC Received $6.6B

TSMC secures $6.6B funding from the U.S. to build chip factories in Arizona, aligning with the CHIPS and Science Act to bolster semiconductor manufacturing and create jobs in the country. This investment aims to enhance economic and national security by ensuring a reliable domestic supply of advanced semiconductors, supporting various industries like AI, consumer electronics, automotive, IoT, and high-performance computing.

Google’s $5 Billion Settlement

Google has agreed to destroy billions of private browsing records to settle a lawsuit alleging that it tracked users who thought they were browsing privately in Chrome's incognito mode. The settlement, valued at over $5 billion, requires Google to update disclosures on data collection in private browsing and allow incognito users to block third-party cookies for five years. This move aims to reduce data collection during private browsing sessions and limit Google's revenue from user data.

Did Meta's $2 Billion Acquisition Failed?

Ten years after Facebook's $2 billion acquisition of Oculus, the VR headset hasn't changed the world as expected. Meta, formerly Facebook, has lost $42 billion since 2020 on its metaverse division, which includes the Oculus brand. However, Meta controls 50.2% of the VR headset market, with 20 million headsets sold as of Q2 2023. The company sells Quest headsets at a loss, aiming to reach a critical mass of adoption, word of mouth, and developer content

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