🚀 OpenAI x Scarlett Johansson

PLUS: Truth Social posts net loss of $327.6 Million, Reddit brings back its old award system

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  • No more SEO hustle*: Now you can generate leads with AI & build sustainable sales growth.

  • Scarlett Johansson accuses OpenAI of using a soundalike voice for ChatGPT's 'Sky' after she declined to lend her own voice (link)

  • Trump's social media company reports $770,500 in Q1 revenue and a $327.6 million net loss (link)

  • Reddit brings back its old award system after acknowledging the previous changes "weren't great" (link)

  • New tools, resources, funding updates & job postings

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5 wild examples of what GPT-4o is capable of (link)

Jeff Bezos: Ordinary things bother great entrepreneurs (link)

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💰 Funding

Suno raises $125M to become the ‘ChatGPT’ of music creation (link)

Hailo lands $120M to keep battling Nvidia as most AI chip startups struggle (link)

💼 Job Board

Open-Source ML Release Engineer at Hugging Face (Remote)

AI Marketing Technology Manager at Highmark Health (US)

💌 Etcetera

Seven wonders of the world from space

World's biggest car theft of 1,000 Volvo cars

Car brakes spit out potentially harmful particles

4th traffic light would benefit pedestrians and drivers

12 beautiful walled cities in Spain to visit in your lifetime

21 of the most beautiful sacred sites that every traveler must visit

Forget sit-ups — 5 abs exercises to build six-pack muscles without weights

🗞️ News 

OpenAI x Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson expressed shock as ChatGPT used a voice similar to hers for their AI, despite her declining the offer. OpenAI denied the allegations but suspended the tool. Johansson's statement highlighted concerns over likeness and transparency in AI voice creation.

The incident raises questions about the ethical use of celebrity voices in AI technology and the need for clearer regulations in this evolving field.

Truth Social Posts Net Loss of $327.6 Million

Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) reported $770,500 in revenue and a net loss of $327.6 million for Q1 2024. The company, which owns Truth Social, had a market capitalization of about $6.6 billion. TMTG recorded $311 million in non-cash expenses related to the conversion of promissory notes.

The company had a first-quarter operating loss of $12.1 million. As of March 31, TMTG had a balance of cash and cash equivalents of $273.7 million. TMTG has not disclosed the number of users on Truth Social, focusing on strategic evaluation for growth.

Reddit — ‘We messed up’

Reddit brings back a revised awards system following user criticism of previous changes. The updated system includes new features like an awards button, improved UI, and safety measures. Users are compensated with exclusive awards as coins are replaced by purchasing gold starting at $1.79.

Despite the return of awards, some popular features like gilding posts with Reddit Premium subscriptions are not reinstated, causing mixed reactions among users.

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