🚀 Nvidia Introduced Its Latest AI Chip

PLUS: FINRA fined M1 Finance LLC $850,000, What to expect from the Federal Reserve’s policy meeting

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🗞️ News 

Nvidia Introduces Its Latest AI Chip

Nvidia revealed its newest artificial intelligence chip, boasting 30 times faster performance than its predecessor. With an 80% market share, the tech giant aims to solidify its position in the industry. CEO Jensen Huang introduced the B200 "Blackwell" chip and new software tools at the annual developer conference in San Jose, California.

Major players like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are expected to adopt Nvidia's flagship chip for cloud-computing services and AI applications. The company's innovative strides signal a competitive edge amidst a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

FINRA Fines M1 Finance $850,000

FINRA has fined M1 Finance LLC $850,000 for violations related to social media influencer posts that were deemed unfair, unbalanced, or contained misleading claims. Between January 2020 and April 2023, M1 Finance engaged influencers to promote the firm, resulting in over 39,400 new accounts opened.

The influencers' posts, including misleading statements about margin lending, breached FINRA rules. M1 Finance agreed to remediate the issues identified by FINRA and implement a supervisory system to ensure compliance. This marks the first formal FINRA enforcement action involving a firm's supervision of social media influencers.

Federal Reserve Policy Meeting: What to Expect

The Federal Reserve's upcoming policy meeting is expected to focus on the "dot plot" of individual member's interest rate expectations, along with releasing quarterly updates on the economy, including GDP, inflation, and the unemployment rate. The meeting is anticipated to maintain a patient approach, emphasizing data-driven decisions and no immediate rate cuts until there is more clarity on inflation.

Analysts predict that the first-rate cut could potentially occur in June, with the Fed reaffirming three rate cuts for the year.

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