⏳ Notion's $10B secret growth driver

PLUS: Great ChatGPT prompts, welcome emails and CEO life stories

From Aadit :)

Hey y’all!

This week, we’re covering:

  • How Notion built a $10B company with community-led growth

  • How to write great ChatGPT prompts

  • A great newsletter welcome email example

  • An insanely useful google doc about CEOs and their life stories

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How Notion built a $10B empire with community-led growth:

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How to write great ChatGPT prompts:

Simple but effective guide.

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Typefully (Partner)

I tweet all the time. Sometimes they are scheduled. Sometimes not.

But if you’re running a business (or are busy), you NEED to schedule your content.

Scheduled content is bringing you business while you sleep!

Typefully is a beautiful and minimalistic solution that helps you stay focused while writing content.

The tweet above was written by Typefully! The best part? It’s free!

👋 Happy paid user here :)

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A great newsletter welcome email

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A document of famous CEOs (their birth date, jobs, when they became successful etc)

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