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T.I.N.Y Blog, Time Billionaires #039

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  • Thought: Use AI to avoid writer’s block

  • Interesting: I reached out to a couple of billionaires

  • Not-to-be-missed: A Marketing Hack!

  • Yes: Experiences >>

Use AI to avoid writer’s block

Overcoming writer's block can be challenging.

But using AI to generate outlines can help. By choosing a topic and using an AI tool to generate an outline, you can organize your thoughts and get your ideas down on paper.

This process can help you get into the flow of writing and overcome writer's block.

This is how I think about it:

It’s easier to stay in the flow if you are already in the flow.

It’s hard to get in the flow when you’re static.

That’s why…

Use ai to generate a brief outline to get you thinking.

I wrote about a ChatGPT prompt you can use to generate these outlines in my Prompt Engineering newsletter.

It’s available for free here.

I reached out to a couple of billionaires…

I reached out to a billionaire recently.

And both replied. I’ll show you one.

But first… Can we talk about how crazy it is that you can reach out to whoever you want?

Here’s the email. Who do you think it was?

It wasn’t the best email I’ve sent. but the lesson in here isn’t the quality of the email. The lesson was how this unexpected occurrence shifted my mindset.

Now I feel that I can reach out to anyone.

PS. The blurred part is not required to guess who this was.

- A Quick Break -

Let’s take a quick break to talk about Compound.

It’s a community I started for entrepreneurs to collaborate while building, scaling, and monetizing audiences.

Don’t get me wrong - I don’t know everything.

I’m still learning from people like Dickie Bush in the Compound community.

Everyone is here to learn and give.

Look at this image for example.

Saurav launched a free course (exclusive to the Compound community) and it was OVERbooked.

That’s the kind of thing you can expect in the community

Oh… and free courses, feedback, and more!

A Marketing Hack

Experiences >>


Aadit’s picks of the week:

🔗 Copywriting Course: Sam Parr is a phenomenal copywriter. He recently launched CopyThat which helped me become a better writer (it’s a stupid simple exercise but so effective) - check it out (link).

🔗 Useful post: How to generate as many email subject lines as you want for free (link).

🔗 Writing tool: Lex is a great AI writing tool that also helps you battle writer’s block so I thought this would be a great addition this week (link)