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  • Interesting: David Guetta recreates Eminem’s voice using AI

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Break your frame of reality often

In the cushy world of careers, it's all too easy to simply "go with the flow." But when you hit a plateau, how do you break through?

Well, here's one idea that might just shake things up: surround yourself with someone who breaks your frame of reality.

This has worked so well for me.

When you're around people who challenge your beliefs and push you outside your comfort zone, your world expands.

It’s like when someone says something that sounds completely impossible to you but then they prove it.

Wouldn’t that break your frame of reality?

It’s like this story you may have heard:

Have you heard of the Roger Bannister sub-4-minute mile?

Before 1954, it was considered “impossible for a human to run that fast”. So nobody did it.

In 1954, Bannister became the first person to do so.

Guess what?

Following those years, several other runners began to break the 4-minute mile barrier as well. Because Roger Bannister broke their frame of reality.

That’s what you need. Someone to break your frame of reality.

David Guetta recreates Eminem’s voice using AI

Here’s a quick recap:

  • David Guetta is one of the most successful DJs. Eminem is one of the most successful rappers.

  • Guetta thought it would be cool to recreate Eminem’s voice using AI.

  • He played the song at his concert. People went nuts.

  • But this raises some important questions (about rights, laws, and AI-generated content).

What do you think of these questions? Reply (I’m genuinely curious).

Here’s the full thread by the way:

A short break…

Let’s take a short break to talk about our sponsor, Tweethunter.

Tweethunter is a content creation tool for Tweets, threads and LinkedIn posts (although I prefer Taplio - by the same team - for LinkedIn).

Anyway, Tweet hunter has made content creation 10x easier for me and my Twitter:

  • Content scheduling

  • Profile analytics

  • AI-assisted content

  • Content search and filtering

I highly recommend it.

Let’s get back to the newsletter!

Free Prompt Engineering Newsletter

I’m launching a new AI newsletter.

It’s called Prompt Engineering Daily.

But this doesn’t just keep you on top of the new AI tech. A lot of newsletters do that already.

It teaches you how to become better at Prompt Engineering.

Prompt engineering is going to be one of the highest-leverage skills going forward.

I’m not saying I know everything.

But every week, I’ll spend tens of hours learning prompt engineering. I’ll teach you the best of what I’ve learned and the best of what I’ve found.

Basically, if you want to learn this skill but do a fraction of the work that I do for you, subscribe here.

Make something people want

This week, I want to ask you…

Are you making something people want?

Akash Zaveri wrote a great post in the Compound private community about this.

The main takeaway for me is to continuously talk to your customers.

Understand how their problems and changing and how you can fix them.

PS. if you want to join Compound (free growth community), you can apply here: skool.com/compound

Aadit’s picks of the week:

🔗 Olly Richards: This guy is insane. He wrote a free 117-page case study about how he grew his education business to $10m. Super insightful for course creators, consultants, etc (link).

🔗 Huge opportunity: Create the best newsletter about how to maximize credit card points. Affiliate for American Express. Make bank.

🔗 LinkedIn Growth course: This is still one of the best courses I’ve found on LinkedIn growth and monetization. If you’re looking to grow, get this one (hands down).