🚀 Boeing CEO to Step Down

PLUS: Adam Neumann trying to buy back WeWork, Reddit CEO defends his $193m compensation.

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🗞️ News 

Boeing CEO to Step Down

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun will step down by the end of 2024 as part of a significant management restructuring. Chairman Larry Kellner will not seek reelection, and Stan Deal, CEO of the commercial airplane unit, is departing immediately. This move follows increased scrutiny over quality control issues faced by Boeing executives.

The stock rose 1.71% in response to the news. The changes aim to address concerns raised by regulators and customers, signaling a pivotal moment for the aerospace giant.

Adam Neumann Trying to Buy Back WeWork

Adam Neumann, the co-founder of WeWork, has submitted a bid of more than $500 million to acquire WeWork out of bankruptcy, with the potential for the bid to reach $900 million pending due diligence. Despite offering over $500 million, Neumann faces challenges in securing financing and support from creditors for his bid to buy back WeWork.

Rithm Capital is one of the potential financial backers for Neumann's bid, but their involvement is still in the early stages.

Reddit CEO Defends His $193M Compensation

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman addressed criticism over his $193 million pay, emphasizing that it includes salary and stock. Huffman's compensation is tied to performance metrics and aligns with Reddit's growth and IPO goals. Despite the backlash, Huffman's pay structure aims to align his interests with shareholders, with a significant portion tied to company success post-IPO.

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