🚀 Amazon's 750,000 Robots

PLUS: Boeing whistleblower flags safety concerns, Tesla is to cut 14,000 jobs

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🗞️ News 

Amazon Deploys 750,000 Robots

Amazon has deployed over 750,000 robots, replacing more than 100,000 human workers, as it advances its robotics capabilities. The company's workforce has decreased from 1.6 million in 2021 to 1.5 million in 2024, while the number of robots has grown significantly. Robots like Sequoia and Digit handle repetitive tasks, improving efficiency and safety.

Amazon emphasizes that robots support human workers, creating new job categories, but concerns about job displacement remain. The integration of robotics and AI in industries, as exemplified by Amazon, will require navigating changes to maximize benefits and minimize negative impacts on employment.

Boeing Whistleblower Raises Safety Concerns

A new whistleblower, Sam Salehpour, a veteran Boeing employee, has flagged safety lapses on Boeing 777 and 787 jets citing misaligned fuselages due to production shortcuts. Salehpour's concerns affect over 1,400 widebody planes and highlight potential safety risks. Boeing, while defending its aircraft quality, faces increased scrutiny amidst ongoing investigations. Salehpour's testimony before a Senate subcommittee on April 17 adds to the growing concerns over Boeing's manufacturing practices.

Tesla To Cut 14,000 Jobs

Tesla plans to cut 14,000 jobs, or over 10% of its workforce, as part of a restructuring effort by CEO Elon Musk to streamline the company for its next phase of growth. The decision comes in response to slowing demand and price pressures in the electric car market. Tesla's sales figures have missed expectations, and the company is aiming to shore up its profit margins, which have been impacted by repeated price cuts.

The job cuts follow a difficult start to the year for Tesla, with its first fall in deliveries in nearly four years. Shares in Tesla dropped by 5.6% on Monday, knocking off approximately $38 billion from its market capitalization.

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