⏳ From $6.50/hr to Billionaire

PLUS: Stuff that is ignored by media, running an async team, and ChatGPT malfunction

From Aadit :) - Together with Ollyrichards.co

Hey y’all!

This week, we’re covering:

  • Stuff that is ignored by the media

  • From earning $6.50/hr to a billionaire

  • Running an async team

  • ChatGPT malfunction (lol)

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Stuff that is ignored by the media

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From earning $6.50/hr to billionaire.

This is a crazy story

2.5 💡

This guy is insane.

He wrote a free 117-page case study about how he grew his education business to $10m.

Super insightful for course creators, consultants, etc.

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Running a fully async team

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I found this really funny. I don’t think it works anymore.

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