🚀 100% Tariff on Chinese EV

PLUS: Neuralink Reveals Malfunction, Waymo's Robo-taxis Reached 50,000 Weekly Trips

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  • The Biden administration plans to raise tariffs on Chinese electric vehicle imports from 25% to 100% to protect the American car industry (link)

  • Neuralink revealed that the first human brain implant it placed malfunctioned after several threads recording neural activity retracted from the brain (link)

  • Waymo's robotaxis are now making 50,000 paid trips per week across three major cities (link)

  • New tools, resources, funding updates & job postings

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“Anti-To-Do List” by Sahil Bloom for high productivity and better life (link)

4 quick examples that might help you build a side hustle that earns $150+ per day (link)

5 amazing things to do with OpenAI’s latest and best-performing model, GPT-4o (link)

These 8 books might change your financial life (link)

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Kontakt(.)io secures $47.5M to optimize hospital operations with AI-powered patient flow optimization (link)

HighperformrAI bags $3.5M to give an AI boost to B2B marketing (link)

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Software Engineer at Coinbase (Remote)

Account Executive, SMB at Front (US)

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🗞️ News 

US Imposes 100% Tariff on Chinese Electric Vehicles

In a move to protect the domestic auto industry, the Biden administration plans to raise tariffs on Chinese electric vehicle (EV) imports from 25% to 100%. The sharp increase comes amid concerns that China could flood the US market with cheap EVs, threatening American manufacturers.

The administration aims to shield US automakers as they invest in EV and battery production to reindustrialize the country and reduce carbon emissions. The tariff hike is the latest effort by the White House to impose costs on China, even as the two nations seek to cooperate on climate change issues.

Neuralink Reveals Malfunction in First Human Brain Implant

Elon Musk's Neuralink has reported that the first brain-computer interface it implanted in a human patient experienced a problem. Some threads from the device retracted from the patient's brain tissue, reducing its performance.

Neuralink modified the system and says it has a solution, though it considered removing the implant. The company continues testing the technology as it works towards FDA approval.

Waymo's Robotaxis: 50,000 Weekly Trips

Waymo's robotaxis now complete 50,000 paid trips weekly in Phoenix, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Operating 24/7, the service sees an average of 300 bookings per hour.

Despite recent controversies, including traffic incidents and software glitches, Waymo has provided over one million rider-only trips across multiple cities. The company attributes its success to a safe and deliberate approach to scaling its autonomous ride-hailing service.

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